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Steven Haine has a broad experience as the national PI (Euroshock, Clear Outcomes), local PI (Blimp, Proctor, Phynal, Distal-CTO, BWG-CTO, Culprit-Shock, Flair, Glagov-OLE, Assure, Absorb, C-cure) and coöperator (Circus, Deliver, MSCT, Resolute registry, Prolimus, Stradivarius, Piboserod, Pass I, Gusto IV, Ancrod) in numerous clinical trials mainly involving coronary artery disease. He defended a PhD on prediction and prevention of early bare-metal in-stent restenosis. His clinical and research expertise focusses on coronary angiography, IVUS, coronary hemodynamics, clinical and interventional treatment of acute and chronic coronary artery disease, shock and cardiovascular prevention.

Study of the pathogenesis of gastrointestinal motility disturbances in an experimental modelof acute necrotising pancreatitis. 01/10/2000 - 31/03/2001


Acute necrotising pancreatitis is a severe disorder with potentially life-threatening complications. The most important gastrointestinal complications are ileus and bacterial overgrowth. The pathogenesis of the pancreatitis-induced motility disturbances is largely unknown. The aim of our study is to establish the presence of motility disturbances in a murine modelof pancreatitis and to tind out which factors play a role in their pathogenesis. First, we will develop a pancreatitis model in Swiss mice by using a CDE-diet ( choline-deticient ethionine-supplemented). Secondly, gastric emptying and intestinal transit will be measured after intragastric injection of Evans blue. In this model we will investigate the role of nitric oxide (NO), adrenergic neurones, sensory afferent neurones, prostaglandines, opioids, cytokines and oxidative stress. In parallel in vitro organ bath experiments will be performed on smooth muscle strips of the gastric fundus and ileum.


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