Steven Latré

Professor @ UAntwerp and Director @IMEC

Publications in the spotlight

A neural-network-based MF-TDMA MAC scheduler for collaborative wireless networks
Mennes Ruben   Canielo Miguel   Claeys Maxim   Latré Steven  
IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference : WCNC- (2018)
City of things : an integrated and multi-technology testbed for IoT smart city experiments
Latré Steven   Leroux Philip   Coenen Tanguy   Braem Bart   Ballon Pieter   Demeester Piet  
2nd IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), SEP 12-15, 2016, Trento, ITALY- (2016) p. 793-800
A scalable parallel Q-learning algorithm for resource constrained decentralized computing environments
Camelo Miguel   Famaey Jeroen   Latré Steven  
2016 2nd Workshop on Machine Learning in HPC Environments (MLHPC)-p. 27-35
A multi-agent Q-learning-based framework for achieving fairness in HTTP Adaptive Streaming
Petrangeli Stefano   Claeys Maxim   Latré Steven   Famaey Jeroen   De Turck Filip  
IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium : [proceedings] : NOMS-p. 1-9

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