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Theo Notteboom is a part-time Professor at the Faculty of Business and Economics of University of Antwerp. He also is Chair Professor 'North Sea Port' at Ghent University in Belgium, a visiting Research Professor at China Institute of FTZ Supply Chain of Shanghai Maritime University in China and a professor in maritime transport at Antwerp Maritime Academy in Belgium. He is one of the three founders and directors of He is past President (2010-2014) and Council Member of International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME). He is editor, associate editor or editorial board member of a dozen academic journals in the field of maritime economics, transport economics and logistics.

He previously held a full-time position as High-end Foreign Expert / Professor at Dalian Maritime University in China (2014-2016) and an MPA visiting professorship in port management at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Between 2006-2014 he was president of ITMMA (Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp) of the University of Antwerp. Between 2009-2014 he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of BITO  (Belgian Institute for Transport Organizers), an official institute of the Belgian Federal Government.

Theo Notteboom published widely on port and maritime economics. For a full list of his academic publications see academic bibliography . Most of his publications are freely available at the website of the initiative. His work is widely cited. For example, google scholar refers to over 11,000 citations and an H-index of 53. His research output covers applications to Europe, Asia/China, North-America, South-America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Theo Notteboom was a guest editor for several Special Issues in leading academic journals in the field such as Geojournal, Journal of Transport Geography, Maritime Policy and Management, The International Journal of Logistics Management, Maritime Economics and Logistics, International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, Research in Transportation and Business Management and Transport Policy. He is (co-)editor of ten academic books.

He received awards for his academic work including IAME best paper awards from Hanjin (1998), Transportation Research E (2005) and Maritime Economics & Logistics (2008, 2017 and 2018), the Open Essay Contest Prize from the International Association of Ports and Harbors - IAPH  (2007), the ‘Logistics prize’ awarded by the Belgian Group of Logistics (1998), the Containerization Award awarded by Mediterranean Shipping Company (2001), the Award for Port Studies Fernand Suykens of the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences (2001), the Best Paper Award at the first Y-RIB conference (2018) and the Honorary Medal of the City of Marseille (Médaille de la Ville de Marseille - 2013) for his scholarly achievements in port studies and contributions as President of IAME. 

He has been involved as promoter or co-promoter in some 80 academic research programs and consultancy studies on the maritime industry and logistics topics commissioned by organizations such as the European Commission (PPRISM, PORTOPIA, Know-Me, etc..), the Flemish Government, the Flanders Institute for Logistics, the Dutch government, the Antwerp Port Authority, the Rotterdam Port Authority, MBZ (Zeebrugge Port Authority) and numerous private companies and government departments in Europe and Asia. He is the (co-)author of five key reports for the European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO). He is the lead authoror co-author of seven reports for ING Bank. 

Up to now, Theo Notteboom acted as promoter of eight successfully completed PhDs  and is promoter of five ongoing PhD researches. He was an invited jury member at over 20 PhD public defenses held in universities around the world.      

He was a speaker/session chairman at more than 300 international academic and business conferences, many of them hosted by leading organizations such as the International Transport Forum (ITF-OECD, formerly ECMT), the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO), the Federation of European Private Terminals Operators (FEPORT), the European Federation of Inland Ports (EFIP), the International Association of Cities and Ports (IACP/AIVP), TOC Europe,  the European Maritime Law Organisation (EMLO), the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA), the World Ocean Forum, the International Association of Maritime Economics (IAME), the World Conference on Transportation Research (WCTR), the Benelux Interuniversity Group of Transport Economists (BIVEC), the Association of American Geographers (AAG), etc.. . He was scientific co-ordinator or co-organizer of a dozen international and national conferences, including the First International Conference on Logistics Strategy of Ports (ICLSP) held in Dalian in September 2004, the ITMMAPS 2006 conference on 'Fostering seaports - and beyond' held in Antwerp in October 2006, the 'Ports in proximity ' conference held in Antwerp/Willemstad/Rotterdam in December 2007, the Third International Conference on Logistics Strategy for Ports (ICLSP) held in Dalian in April 2008, the 'Asian Logistics Round Table 2010 Conference and Meeting' held in Antwerp on 2-3 December 2010 and the IAME 2011 Annual conference held in Santiago (Chile) on 26-28 October 2011. 



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