Publications in the spotlight

Understanding taxonomic and nomenclatural instability : a case study of the Manila clam
Beninger Peter G.   Backeljau Thierry  
Aquaculture - ISSN 0044-8486-504 (2019) p. 375-379
Shells from aquaculture : a valuable biomaterial, not a nuisance waste product
Morris James P.   Backeljau Thierry   Chapelle Gauthier  
Reviews in Aquaculture - ISSN 1753-5123-11:1 (2019) p. 42-57
Highly polymorphic mitochondrial DNA and deceiving haplotypic differentiation : implications for assessing population genetic differentiation and connectivity
Fourdrilis S.   Backeljau Thierry  
BMC evolutionary biology - ISSN 1471-2148-19 (2019)
Re-description of the type species of the genera Ganesella Blanford, 1863 and Globotrochus Haas, 1935; with description of a new Ganesella species from Thailand (Eupulmonata, Camaenidae)
Sutcharit Chirasak   Backeljau Thierry   Panha Somsak  
ZooKeys - ISSN 1313-2989-870 (2019) p. 51-76
Untangling a mess of worms : species delimitations reveal morphological crypsis and variability in Southeast Asian semi-aquatic earthworms (Almidae, Glyphidrilus)
Jirapatrasilp Parin   Backeljau Thierry   Prasankok Pongpun   Chanabun Ratmanee   Panha Somsak  
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution - ISSN 1055-7903-139 (2019)

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