Tim Goedemé

Research director

Publications in the spotlight

Decent incomes for all : improving policies in Europe
Cantillon Bea   Goedemé Tim   Hills John  
New York, N.Y., Oxford University Press, 2019,314 p.
Armoede, energie en wonen: creatieve ideeën voor een toekomst zonder energiearmoede (Onderzoeksdag Universitaire Stichting Armoedebestrijding, 18 oktober 2017)
Goedemé Tim   Coene Jill   Hubeau Bernard   Van Damme Rit  
Antwerpen, USAB, 2017,90 p.
Exploring a blind spot in comparative pension reform research : long-term trends in non-contributory pensions in Europe
Goedemé Tim   Marchal Sarah  
International journal of social welfare - ISSN 1369-6866-25:2 (2016) p. 161-175
The EU convergence machine at work : to the benefit of the EU's poorest citizens?
Goedemé Tim   Collado Diego  
Journal of common market studies - ISSN 0021-9886-54:5 (2016) p. 1142-1158
Towards cross-country comparable reference budgets in Europe : first results of a concerted effort
Goedemé Tim   Storms Bérénice M.L.   Stockman Sara   Penne Tess   Van den Bosch Karel  
European journal of social security - ISSN 1388-2627-17:1 (2015) p. 3-30
How much confidence can we have in EU-SILC? Complex sample designs and the standard error of the Europe 2020 poverty indicators
Goedemé Tim  
Social indicators research: an international and interdisciplinary journal for quality-of-life measurement - ISSN 0303-8300-110:1 (2013) p. 89-110
Poverty in the Enlarged European Union: a discussion about definitions and reference groups
Goedemé Tim   Rottiers Stijn  
Sociology Compass - ISSN 1751-9020-5:1 (2011) p. 77-91

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