Publications in the spotlight

The minimum regularized covariance determinant estimator
Boudt Kris   Rousseeuw Peter J.   Vanduffel Steven   Verdonck Tim  
Statistics and computing - ISSN 0960-3174-30:1 (2020) p. 113-128
Outlier robust modeling of survival curves in the presence of potentially time-varying coefficients
Biccler Jorne Lionel   Bogsted Martin   Van Aelst Stefan   Verdonck Tim  
Statistical methods in medical research: an international review journal - ISSN 0962-2802-p. 1-14
Cellwise robust M regression
Filzmoser P.   Hoeppner S.   Ortner I   Serneels S.   Verdonck Tim  
Computational statistics and data analysis - ISSN 0167-9473-147 (2020) p. 1-14
Nearest comoment estimation with unobserved factors
Boudt Kris   Cornilly Dries   Verdonck Tim  
Journal of econometrics - ISSN 0304-4076-217:2 (2020) p. 381-397
Multivariate constrained robust M-regression for shaping forward curves in electricity markets
Leoni Peter   Segaert Pieter   Serneels Sven   Verdonck Tim  
The journal of futures markets - ISSN 0270-7314-38:11 (2018) p. 1391-1406

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