Timothy Pennycook

PI of Project HDEM

Publications in the spotlight

Scanning transmission electron microscopy under controlled low-pressure atmospheres
Leuthner Gregor T.   Hummel Stefan   Mangler Clemens   Pennycook Timothy   Susi Toma   Meyer Jannik C.   Kotakoski Jani  
Ultramicroscopy - ISSN 0304-3991-203 (2019) p. 76-81
Efficient first principles simulation of electron scattering factors for transmission electron microscopy
Susi Toma   Madsen Jacob   Ludacka Ursula   Mortensen Jens Jurgen   Pennycook Timothy   Lee Zhongbo   Kotakoski Jani   Kaiser Ute   Meyer Jannik C.  
Ultramicroscopy - ISSN 0304-3991-197 (2019) p. 16-22
High dose efficiency atomic resolution imaging via electron ptychography
Pennycook Timothy   Martinez Gerardo T.   Nellist Peter D.   Meyer Jannik C.  
Ultramicroscopy - ISSN 0304-3991-196 (2019) p. 131-135
Structure evolution of h.c.p./c.c.p. metal oxide interfaces in solid-state reactions
Li C.   Habler G.   Griffiths T.   Recnik A.   Jerabek P.   Goetze L. C.   Mangler C.   Pennycook Timothy   Meyer J.   Abart R.  
Acta Crystallographica. Section A, Foundations and Advances - ISSN 2053-2733-74:5 (2018) p. 466-480
Atomic structure of intrinsic and electron-irradiation-induced defects in $MoTe_{2}$
Elibol Kenan   Susi Toma   Argentero Giacomo   Monazam Mohammad Reza Ahmadpour   Pennycook Timothy   Meyer Jannik C.   Kotakoski Jani  
Chemistry of materials - ISSN 0897-4756-30:4 (2018) p. 1230-1238

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