Toon Calders

Data Science

Publications in the spotlight

An anomaly detection technique for business processes based on extended dynamic Bayesian networks
Pauwels Stephen   Calders Toon  
The 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, April 8-12, 2019 Limassol, Cyprus-p. 494-501
Electron Bessel beam diffraction for precise and accurate nanoscale strain mapping
Guzzinati Giulio   Ghielens Wannes   Mahr Christoph   Béché Armand   Rosenauer Andreas   Calders Toon   Verbeeck Johan  
Applied physics letters - ISSN 0003-6951-114:24 (2019)
PROMETHEE is not quadratic : an O(qn log(n)) algorithm
Calders Toon   Van Assche Dimitri  
Omega: the international journal of management science - ISSN 0305-0483-76 (2018) p. 63-69
A novel hierarchical-based framework for upper bound computation of graph edit distance
Gouda Karam   Arafa Mona   Calders Toon  
Pattern recognition - ISSN 0031-3203-80 (2018) p. 210-224
Effective and efficient location influence mining in location-based social networks
Aamir Saleem Muhammad   Kumar Rohit   Calders Toon   Bach Pedersen Torben  
Knowledge and information systems: an international journal - ISSN 0219-1377- (2018) p. 1-36

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