Vera Meynen

Associate Professor

Publications in the spotlight

Enzymatic sensor for phenols based on titanium dioxide generating surface confined ROS after treatment with $H_{2}O_{2}$
Rahemi Vanousheh   Trashin Stanislav   Hafideddine Zainab   Meynen Vera   Van Doorslaer Sabine   De Wael Karolien  
Sensors and actuators : B : chemical - ISSN 0925-4005-283 (2019) p. 343-348
Altering conversion and product selectivity of dry reforming of methane in a dielectric barrier discharge by changing the dielectric packing material
Michielsen Inne   Uytdenhouwen Yannick   Bogaerts Annemie   Meynen Vera  
Catalysts - ISSN 2073-4344-9:1 (2019)
How process parameters and packing materials tune chemical equilibrium and kinetics in plasma-based $CO_{2}$ conversion
Uytdenhouwen Yannick   Bal Kristof   Michielsen Inne   Neyts Erik   Meynen Vera   Cool Pegie   Bogaerts Annemie  
Chemical engineering journal - ISSN 1385-8947-372 (2019) p. 1253-1264
Evaluation of the fouling resistance of methyl grafted ceramic membranes for inorganic foulants and co-effects of organic foulants
Ghulam Mustafa   Wyns Kenny   Janssens Siebe   Meynen Vera   Buekenhoudt Anita  
Separation and purification technology - ISSN 1383-5866-193 (2018) p. 29-37
Preparation of CuO/SBA-15 catalyst by the modified ammonia driven deposition precipitation method with a high thermal stability and an efficient automotive CO and hydrocarbons conversion
Xin Qi   Papavasiliou Aggeliki   Boukos Nikos   Glisenti Antonella   Pui Ho Li Jerry   Yang Yong   Philippopoulos Constantine J.   Poulakis Evangelos   Katsaros Fotis K.   Meynen Vera   Cool Pegie  
Applied catalysis : B : environmental - ISSN 0926-3373-223 (2018) p. 103-115

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