Vito Sabato

Senior Clinical Reseacher FWO

Publications in the spotlight

Cross-reactivity in IgE-mediated allergy to cefuroxime : focus on the R1 side chain
Van Gasse Athina   Ebo Didier   Faber Margaretha   Elst Jessy   Hagendorens Margo   Bridts Christiaan   Mertens Christel   De Clerck Luc S.   Romano Antonino   Sabato Vito  
The journal of allergy and clinical immunology : in practice - ISSN 2213-2201-8:3 (2020) p. 1094-1096
Anaphylaxis to sugammadex-rocuronium inclusion complex : an IgE-mediated reaction due to allergenic changes at the sugammadex primary rim
Ebo Didier   Baldo Brian A.   Van Gasse Athina   Mertens Christel   Elst Jessy   Sermeus Luc   Bridts Christiaan   Hagendorens Margo   De Clerck Luc S.   Sabato Vito  
Journal of allergy and clinical immunology : in practice - ISSN 2213-2201-8:4 (2020) p. 1410-1415
A bad cough : delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity caused by pholcodine
Van Acker Julie   Ebo Didier   Faber Margaretha   Sabato Vito   Suys Erwin   Coghe Marjan   Aerts Olivier  
The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice - ISSN 2213-2198-8:4 (2020) p. 1449-1451
Flow cytometric basophil activation tests : staining of exteriorized basophil granule matrix by fluorescent avidin versus appearance of CD63
Ebo Didier   Elst Jessy   Van Houdt Michel   Pintelon Isabel   Timmermans Jean-Pierre   Horiuchi Tatsuo   Faber Margaretha   Hagendorens Margo   Mertens Christel   Sabato Vito  
Cytometry: part B: clinical cytometry - ISSN 1552-4949- (2020) p. 1-8
Serum specific IgE antibodies in immediate drug hypersensitivity
Van der Poorten Marie-Line   Van Gasse Athina   Hagendorens Margo   Faber Margaretha   De Puysseleyr Leander   Elst Jessy   Mertens Christel   Sabato Vito   Ebo Didier  
Clinica chimica acta - ISSN 0009-8981-504 (2020) p. 119-124

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