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Proteomic changes in oocytes after in vitro maturation in lipotoxic conditions are different from those in cumulus cells
Marei Waleed   Van Raemdonck Geert   Baggerman Geert   Bols Peter   Leroy Jo  
Scientific reports - ISSN 2045-2322-9 (2019)
Mitochondria-targeted therapy rescues development and quality of embryos derived from oocytes matured under oxidative stress conditions : a bovine in vitro mode
Marei Waleed   Van den Bosch Lotte   Pintelon Isabel   Mohey-Elsaeed Omnia   Bols Peter   Leroy Jo  
Human reproduction - ISSN 0268-1161-34:10 (2019) p. 1984-1998
Perspectives of nanotechnology in male fertility and sperm function
Falchi Laura   Khalil Wael A.   Hassan Mahmoud   Marei Waleed  
International Journal of Veterinary Science and Medicine - ISSN 2314-4580-6:2 (2018) p. 265-269
The effect of elevated non-esterified fatty acid concentrations on bovine spermatozoa and on oocyte in vitro fertilisation
Desmedt K.L.J.   Marei Waleed   Pintelon Isabel   Bols Peter   Leroy Jo   Desmet Karolien  
Reproduction, fertility and development - ISSN 1031-3613-30:11 (2018) p. 1553-1565
Polyunsaturated fatty acids influence offspring sex ratio in cows
Marei Waleed   Khalil Wael A.   Pushpakumara Anil P.G.   El-Harairy Mostafa A.   Abo El-Atta Ahmed M.A.   Wathes D. Claire   Fouladi-Nashta Ali  
International Journal of Veterinary Science and Medicine - ISSN 23144599-6:S (2018) p. 36-40

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