Publications in the spotlight

Measuring the readability of sustainability reports : a corpus-based analysis through standard formulae and NLP
Smeuninx Nils   De Clerck Bernard   Aerts Walter  
International journal of business communication - ISSN 2329-4884-57:1 (2020) p. 52-85
Does policy uncertainty of the blockchain dampen ICO markets?
Zhang Shuyu   Zhang Dunli   Zheng Jianming   Aerts Walter  
Accounting and finance - ISSN 0810-5391-p. 1-13
Global financial accounting and reporting : principles and analysis
Aerts Walter   Walton Peter  
Cengage, 2020,520 p.
Causal language intensity in performance commentary and financial analyst behaviour
Zhang Shuyu   Aerts Walter   Pan Huifeng  
Journal of business finance & accounting - ISSN 0306-686X-46:1-2 (2019) p. 3-31
Readability of token whitepaper and ICO first-day return
Zhang Shuyu   Aerts Walter   Lu Liping   Pan Huifeng  
Economics letters - ISSN 0165-1765-180 (2019) p. 58-61

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