Wim Vanroose

Professor Applied Mathematics

Publications in the spotlight

A robust simulator for physiologically structured population models
Van Dyck Michiel   Woot De Trixhe Xavier   Vermeulen An   Vanroose Wim  
IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics - ISSN 1545-5963-16:3 (2019) p. 851-864
Regula falsi based automatic regularization method for PDE constrained optimization
Schenkels Nick   Vanroose Wim  
Journal of computational and applied mathematics - ISSN 0377-0427-348 (2019) p. 14-25
Algorithm for the reconstruction of dynamic objects in CT-scanning using optical flow
Ruymbeek Koen   Vanroose Wim  
Journal of computational and applied mathematics - ISSN 0377-0427-367 (2019)
Numerically stable recurrence relations for the communication hiding pipelined conjugate gradient method
Cools Siegfried   Cornelis Jeffrey   Vanroose Wim  
IEEE transactions on parallel and distributed systems - ISSN 1045-9219-30:11 (2019) p. 2507-2522
Automatic exploration techniques of numerical bifurcation diagrams illustrated by the Ginzburg-Landau equation
Wouters Michiel   Vanroose Wim  
SIAM journal on applied dynamical systems - ISSN 1536-0040-18:4 (2019) p. 2047-2098

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