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The potential and controversy of targeting STAT family members in cancer
Verhoeven Yannick   Tilborghs Sam   Jacobs Julie   De Waele Jorrit   Quatannens Delphine   Deben Christophe   Prenen Hans   Pauwels Patrick   Trinh Xuan Bich   Wouters An   Smits Evelien   Lardon Filip   Van Dam Peter André  
Seminars in cancer biology - ISSN 1044-579X-60 (2020) p. 41-56
RANK/RANKL signaling inhibition may improve the effectiveness of checkpoint blockade in cancer treatment
Van Dam Peter André   Verhoeven Yannick   Trinh Xuan Bich   Wouters An   Lardon Filip   Prenen Hans   Smits Evelien   Baldewijns Marcella   Lammens Martin  
Critical reviews in oncology, hematology - ISSN 1040-8428-133 (2019) p. 85-91
Quality indicators for the management of endometrial, cervical and ovarian cancer
Bonte Anne-Sophie   Luyckx Annemie   Wyckmans Leen   Trinh Xuan Bich   Van Dam Peter André  
European journal of surgical oncology - ISSN 0748-7983-45:4 (2019) p. 528-537
RANK-RANKL signaling in cancer of the uterine cervix : a review
Van Dam Peter André   Verhoeven Yannick   Jacobs Julie   Wouters An   Tjalma Wiebren   Lardon Filip   van den Wyngaert Tim   Dewulf Jonatan   Smits Evelien   Colpaert Cecile   Prenen Hans   Peeters Marc   Lammens Martin   Trinh Xuan Bich  
International journal of molecular sciences - ISSN 1661-6596-20:9 (2019)
The rationale of opportunistic bilateral salpingectomies OBS during benign gynaecological and obstetric surgery: a consensus text of the Flemish Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (VVOG)
Tjalma Wiebren   Bosteels J. A.   Cooremans I   Cosyns S.   De Greve M.   De Vreee B. P.   Debruyne D.   De Jonge E. T.   Desmedt E. J., I   Dubois P.   Faes T.   Francx M.   Hamerlyncki T.   Makar A. P.   Maryns A. S.   Michiels I   Orye G.   Platteeuw L.   Pouseele B.   Schutyser V   Segaert A.   Stevens M.   Tomassetti C.   Trinh Xuan Bich   Tummers P.   Van Calenber S. G. K.   Van Dam Peter André   Van Herendael B.   Vanspauwen R.   Vergote I. B.   Verguts J.   Waity K.   Weyers S.  
Facts, views & vision in obgyn : issues in obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive health - ISSN 2032-0418-11:2 (2019) p. 177-187

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