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Master of Culture Management
Academic year :

Model Path

Context Courses

Compulsory: 21 ECTS-credits

Students can replace 'Innovatiemanagement en cultureel ondernemerschap' by 'Summer School on Fashion management' with permission of the programme coordinator.

Policy and Context of Cultural Management5sp1st semester
Schramme, Annick
Financial and Management Accounting in the Creative and Cultural Sectors3sp1st semester
De Graeve, Rita
Forum Culture Management5sp1st semester
Schramme, Annick
Innovation Management and Cultural Entrepreneurship3sp1st semester
Thoelen, Annelies
The Legal Framework of the Cultural Sector5sp1st semester
Van Royen, Tobias

Management courses

Compulsory: 24 ECTS-credits

General and Strategic Cultural Management5sp2nd semester
Verbergt, Bruno
Financial Management5sp2nd semester
De Corte, Dirk
Human Resources Management3sp2nd semester
Jacobs, Sofie
Marketing and Communication Management5sp2nd semester
Moons, Ingrid
Seminar Critical Reflection Arts and Culture3sp2nd semester
Gielen, Pascal
Seminar Research Methods3sp2nd semester
De Pelsmacker, Patrick

Master Project

Compulsory: 15 ECTS-credits

Master Project Part 1: Practical Component3sp2nd semester
Martens, Rudy
Master Project, Part 2: Thesis12sp2nd semester
Berghman, Liselore
Martens, Rudy