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Master of Film Studies and Visual Culture
Academic year :

Model Path

Basic module

Compulsory courses - 24 ECTS-credits

Film History and Aesthetics6sp1st semester
Meers, Philippe
Film Theory6sp1st semester
Meers, Philippe
Visual Sociology and Anthropology6sp1st semester
Pauwels, Luc
Visual Aesthetics and Analysis6sp1st semester
Roggen, Sam

In depth module Film Studies

The student chooses optional courses for 15 ECTS-credits from the in depth module 'Filmstudies' and 'Visual Culture', to be split in at least 1 optional course of each in depth module. Internship included. (15 ECTS-credits in total)

Minimum 1 course to choose from the list below:

World Cinema6sp2nd semester
Meers, Philippe
Film and Television Genres3sp1st semester
Dhoest, Alexander
Modern and Contemporary Film Movements6sp2nd semester
Willems, Gertjan
Visual Narratology and Adaptation3sp1st semester
Cattrysse, Patrick

In depth module Visual Culture

Minimum 1 course to choose from the list below:

Cultural Critique6sp1st semester
Weyns, Walter
Visual Art3sp2nd semester
Leemans, Annemie
Photography and Intermediality6sp2nd semester
Ruchel-Stockmans, Katarzyna Monika


9 ECTS-credits (optional, if no total of 15 ECTS-credits from the In depth modules)

Internship Film studies and visual culture9sp2nd semester
Malliet, Steven


1 seminar to choose from this list - 6 ECTS-credits

Enrolment for the seminar is done with a seperate enrolment form. The relevant information will be available on the notice boards. After this enrolment procedure the administration office will add the chosen seminar to your course list.) The seminars are not open to students outside the programme Film Studies and Visual Culture. The seminar visual studies is only open after having followed the course Visual Sociology and Anthropology.

Seminar Documentary and Scientific Film Production6sp2nd semester
Pauwels, Luc
Scriptwriting for Film and Multimedia6sp2nd semester
Cattrysse, Patrick
Seminarie Webcommunication6sp2nd semester
Malliet, Steven
Seminar Visual Studies6sp2nd semester
Pauwels, Luc

Master Project

15 ECTS-credits

Master project. Scientific article of approx. 10.000 words15sp2nd semester

Replacement Module

Only to replace previously taken courses from the basic module.

Television and Digital Convergence6sp2nd semester
Dhoest, Alexander
Popular Culture and Diversity6sp1st semester
Dhoest, Alexander
Media policy6sp2nd semester
Vanhaeght, Anne-Sofie