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Master of Biomedical Sciences: Neurosciences
Academic year :

Model Path part 1

33 ECTS credits major courses

Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience6sp1st semester
De Schutter, Erik
Preclinical and clinical imaging with focus on neurology6sp1st semester
Verhoye, Marleen
Computational Neuroscience5sp1st semester
Giugliano, Michele
Behavioral Neuroscience6sp2nd semester
De Deyn, Peter
Clinical Neuroscience5sp2nd semester
Sleegers, Kristel
System Neuroscience5sp2nd semester
Van Der Linden, Annemie

Mandatory courses

Bio-ethics3sp2nd semester
Hens, Kristien
Integrated Research Practicals6sp2nd semester
Verhoye, Marleen
Fundamentals of protein technology and proteome analysis3sp1st semester
Van Ostade, Xaveer
Fundamentals of gene and genome technology3sp1st semester
Van Camp, Guy
Preclinical drug research6sp1st semester
Maes, Louis
Patents and innovation3sp2nd semester
Paemen, Liesbet
Advanced data analysis3sp2nd semester
Fransen, Erik

Model Path part 2

Mandatory courses

Laboratory Animal Science12sp1st semester
Van Ginneken, Chris
State-of-the-Art lectures in Biomedicine6sp1st/2nd sem.
Kooy, Frank
Project proposal with internship12sp1st semester
Geuens, Eva
Master thesis with internship30sp2nd semester
Geuens, Eva