Master of Biomedical Sciences: Neurosciences

Master of Biomedical Sciences: Neurosciences

Your programme

The Biomedical Sciences programme trains highly skilled scientists who are able to conduct research in a wide biomedical field and supervise such research in academic, clinical or industrial settings.

In this specialisation, you study the neuronal structures and mechanisms of behaviour and memory as well as various neurological and psychiatric disorders. To do this, you learn to develop experimental research based on animal models.

The focus of this programme is on research.

Our laboratories work together with outstanding research institutes such as the Institute Born-Bunge for neurosciences. You will spend half of your study time on practical research while doing internships and on writing a dissertation.

In addition, you are offered the opportunity to study abroad for part of the programme.

Your future

Graduates often go on to work as researchers at the university or in the biomedical industry. They first tend to do a PhD before going on to pursue careers in academia or as researchers or research leaders in biotech or pharmaceutical companies.

Ushnik Das tells why he studies Neurosciences at UAntwerp