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Studying with a functional impairment

Do you suffer from AD(H)D and have difficulty planning your studies? Do you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and need help balancing studying and rest?  Do you need some assistive software for dyslexia? Students with a functional impairment can request special facilities during their studies and/or exams in order to help make up for the difficulties associated with a functional impairment wherever possible. You can always turn to the Study Advice and Student Counselling Service for help and guidance.

Contact groups and workshops


If enough students are interested, we can set up a contact group which will allow students to share their experiences of studying with a disability. This is an open group and new students can join anytime. Don't hesitate to send an email to if you are interested in joining such a contact group. We also organise specific workshops for students with dyslexia and AD(H)D. You can find more information about our complete range of workshops and the application form on Blackboard. The language of communication during the course is Dutch.