Welcome to Antwerp! 

To ensure that your stay here as a student is smooth and memorable, we've listed a range of issues that you might need information on. 

On arrival, you need to first complete administrative paperwork at the University as well as the City Hall. Attending our welcome session for international students is a great way to not only make new friends, but to gain valuable tips on opening bank accounts, health insurance, accommodation and IT access. 

The University's regulations on education, examinations and diplomas are a valuable source of information on the system here. The academic calendar provides an overview of all activities planned in the year. 

The University of Antwerp provides generous facilities for all students. These include language courses, libraries, sport, student organisations and restaurants, as well as IT facilities. 

You are now a resident of Antwerp - as the Flemish would say - een Antwerpenaar! Find out more about living in Antwerp, public transport, bicycle facilities and discover the various campuses of the university. Gate 15 offers an information desk, facilities and activities for all students in Antwerp. 

There are limited options for working during your studies, more so during the holidays than during the academic term. 

If you are here for multiple years, do not forget to renew your residence permit in time!