Advanced Analytical Techniques in Heritage

Advanced Analytical Techniques in Heritage


Heritage Science Explained, part 3


Heritage science plays an increasingly important role in the fields of both active (treatments) and passive (preventive) conservation, archaeology and (technical) art history. Analytical techniques supply insights into the constituting materials and internal structure, the genesis, the material history and the degradation mechanisms of heritage objects and are key in developing mitigating strategies for a broad range of conservation issues.

Three micro credentials cover the entire domain of material research from a technical point of view, in heritage science. These micro credentials, each focusing on different techniques, can be followed separately or consecutively, according to the level of skills needed or learners’ interests.
The entire learning path consists of the following micro credentials: 

  • Optical microscopy for heritage materials (part 1) 
  • Analytical and Imaging Techniques for Heritage Objects (part 2) 
  • Advanced analytical techniques (part 3)

Who for?

This micro credential is relevant for people working in the heritage sector in different positions. It is especially relevant for researchers, conservators, restorers, archaeologists, art historians, guides, … who want to learn more or gain in depth insights in materials and techniques used in heritage.