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Micro-credential: Analytical and Imaging Techniques for Heritage Objects

Micro-credential: Imaging Techniques for Heritage

3 ECTS-credits

This programme consists of 1 module

Analysis and Imaging Techniques for Heritage Objects
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3 ECTS-credits
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No contract restriction
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exam in the 1st semester
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Conservation and Restoration

In this course the most commonly used diagnostic methods in the heritage field will be discussed, in particular:
• Ultra-Violet Induced Visible Fluorescence Photography (UIVFP)
• X-Ray Radiography (XRR)
• Infrared Photography and Reflectography (IRP and IRR)
• X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry (XRF)

In addition, attention is paid to the general methodology for material-technical research as it emerged in the new millennium due to the rapid development of new and technical improvement of existing methods, and how these techniques fit into it

The course consists of lectures and practical sessions, organized weekly on campus. The lectures are recorded if proper recording infrastructure is available in the designated classrooms.
Attendance is compulsory for the practical sessions. The practicals incrementally build on each other: students take a sample and then prepare them step by step to finally include the obtained results in the sample form. By consequence, a student who is absent during a practical cannot proceed to the next practical and cannot submit a final product for the practicum. For that reason, attendance is mandatory, only in case of legitimate absence (student have to submit proof timely to the student secretariat) a catch-up moment will be organized. Students should pose all questions during or immediately after the lecture or practical. If needed, a personal appointment can be made via