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Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences
Academic year :

Model Path part 1

Model Path part 3

Compulsory courses

Physiopathology and pathology6sp1st semester
Bosmans, Johan
Neurosciences6sp1st semester
Labro, Alain
Human genetics5sp1st semester
Van Camp, Guy
Biomedical Imaging5sp1st semester
De Vos, Winnok
Integrated practicum: molecular biology and genetics3sp1st semester
Geuens, Eva
Bioinformatics5sp1st semester
Laukens, Kris
General and Experimental Oncology3sp2nd semester
Lardon, Filip
General microbiology5sp2nd semester
Delputte, Peter
Pharmacology5sp2nd semester
Guns, Pieter-Jan
Epidemiology and public health5sp2nd semester
Sleegers, Kristel
Studium generale in biomed. sciences part 3: the clinical case and the scientific research project3sp1st/2nd sem.
Lardon, Filip
Bachelor Thesis with internship6sp1st/2nd sem.
Labro, Alain

Active pluralism and interculturality

Required to choose 1 course

World View: Religion, Atheism and Science3sp1st semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
World View: Religion, Atheism and Meaning3sp2nd semester
Van Herck, Walter
World View: Religion, Atheism and Culture3sp1st semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
World View: Religion, Atheism and Society3sp2nd semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
City and Diversity3sp2nd semester
De Munck, Bert
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Media and Digital Society3sp1st semester
Hellinckx, Peter
Poels, Karolien
Migration, Integration and Diversity3sp2nd semester
De Feyter, Koen
Absillis, Kevin
Van Praag, Lore
Freedom, Citizenship and Democracy3sp1st semester
Van Eekert, Geert
Loobuyck, Patrick
Global justice3sp2nd semester
Ferrando, Tomaso