Beyond the Basics: Advanced Biostatistics in RStudio - Mixed Models, Multivariate Analysis, Bayesian Inference, and Effective Reporting


With advanced statistical methods becoming readily available to everyone, their application and interpretation require a good knowledge of the underlying assumptions of the different techniques. During this course, the similarities and differences between various types of linear models will be explored from an applied point of view. RStudio and the RMarkdown package will be the central software used. Next to the broad group of GLMMs, principles of multivariate statistics, survival analysis, mixtures, and Bayesian inference will be discussed. This collection of statistical methodologies will form a solid basis for everybody active in biosciences who has to perform relatively complex statistical analyses and/or is involved in the interpretation of it. 

Who for?

People active in scientific research in a bio-context with basic statistical skills who aim at improving or refreshing their statistical capacities involving more recently developed advanced techniques.