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Working in Belgium

EEA students and non-EEA students with a permanent residence in Belgium can look for employment in Belgium and work as a self-employed person in the same way as Belgian citizens. 

Search year

Until recently, as a non-EEA student holding a right of residence in Belgium based on your studies, you had to obtain a different residence permit if you wanted to stay in Belgium after graduating. However, in March 2021, the Council of Ministers passed a motion that non-European students studying abroad in Belgium will have 12 months to find work or start a company in Belgium, following the completion of their studies. The “search year” (or “orientation year”) is expected to come into legislated effect in October 2021, but applications can be send in as of 15 August 2021. 

For more information, please consult our general page about permits, or visit the official website of the Belgian government (info in Dutch and French).

The corporate world is never far away

at the Faculty of Business and Economics

Your first job

In the meantime, the university, the faculty and our student associations offer plenty of ways for you to take your first steps toward the business world

Career Center FBE

The Career Center FBE is the place to go for career guidance and orientation. On this platform, students and hundreds of national and international companies find each other through vacancies, internships and events related to career development. Create a free profile as a student or visit this page for more information. Besides that, as a student, you also have free access to the worldwide internship platform offered by EFMD.

Career Development Track

As a student, you can partake in the brand new Career Development Track, a series of webinars and workshops organised by the faculty, Randstad Young Talents, some of our alumni and the student associations. During the track, you will learn more about the job market, discover your talents, network with alumni, attend job fairs, and so on. At the end, you will receive a certificate that looks great on your resumé. Register via the Career Center.

Talent Forum

The Talent Forum is the job and information fair for graduates, PhD students and alumni at the University of Antwerp. Each year this fair welcomes more than 120 national and international companies looking for interesting profiles. In addition, you have the opportunity to gather information at 30 info booths, attend one or more info sessions, visit the photo corner for a free professional portrait and have your resume screened for free.


talks about his corporate experiences at UAntwerp

Randstad Young Talents

The Faculty of Business and Economics works together with Randstad, a temporary placement agency, to connect students with the business world during their studies. They have a special programme focused on students and young graduates called ‘Randstad Young Talents’, and you can book an on-campus meeting with one of their consultants.


In 2014, the Antwerp University Association started with the development of a student entrepreneurship program named TAKEOFFANTWERP. This program focusses on the development of competences related to entrepreneurship by students in their bachelor’s or master’s degree, regardless of their field of study. TAKEOFFANTWERP support students who are interested in running a business, as a self-employed professional or an entrepreneur.​​