Programme info

Micro-credential: Community-based Monitoring


The course is organised in 8 seminar sessions of 2 hours. The overall course is organised between mid-April and mid-May, spread out over various seminars per week (on average 2 – 3 sessions per week on different days). Attendance in class is mandatory to allow for interaction, debate and group work.  All sessions are organised in Antwerp (city campus). Students of the micro-credential course will participate in the same session as the advanced master students of the master in Development Studies of IOB. This group consists of a group of predominantly international students of about 5-10 students.


The lecturers of the course are Prof. Dr. Nathalie Holvoet (IOB) and Dr. Alellie Sobrevinas (De La Salle University, Philippines).

Learning outcomes

This micro-credential focuses on the following learning outcomes.

1. The participant has knowledge of the theoretical and policy debate on community based monitoring.

2. The participant is able to classify different CBM instruments and position CBM in the landscape of accountability & learning initiatives.

3. The participant is able to analyse the effectiveness and impact of CBM from a theory-of-change perspective and identify the different (theoretical) assumptions.

4. The participant is familiar with and capable to critically analyse different methods and approaches used in CBM data collection, data analysis and dissemination/use of CBM findings.

5. The participant is aware of innovation in CBM and understands the importance of taking into account heterogeneity in different stages of CBM initiatives.

6. The participant is able to apply some methods of CBM data collection and analysis.


The course is evaluated based on the combination of an individual take home exam, a presentation and participation during the seminars.

  • Individual take-home exam (per subunit): a short essay (1500-2000 words) in response to a question of the lecturer; presentations and participation in class (if applicable, 30%).
    Assessment criteria essay:
    o Understanding of and ability to apply theory.
    o Capacity for personal synthesis and reflection.
    o Degree and quality of active participation in class
    o Capacity of formulation and argument in an intercultural environment
  • Assessment criteria presentation and class participation (if applicable):
    o Accuracy of presenting the ideas of the underlying article and/or the assignment
    o Structure and clarity of the presentation;
    o Quality of the supporting PowerPoint presentation;
  • Level of personal involvement in class debate in an intercultural environment

Division of Marks: 3 ECTS per sub-unit.
Assessment 2nd exam session: Individual take-home exam (new question)