Postgraduate of Dutch as a Foreign Language in an Academic Context

Postgraduate of Dutch as a Foreign Language in an Academic Context


This programme is aimed at non-Dutch-speaking students who want to prepare to study in Dutch.

The programme consists of a combination of language acquisition and three modules designed to deepen your knowledge. We start at absolute beginner-level and finish at Level 5, with the Interuniversity Test for Dutch as a Foreign Language serving as the final exam.

The most experienced Linguapolis teachers coach you in your language learning process. The programme also comprises cultural activities (museum visits, theatre visits, a Christmas party, a study trip to Ghent, etc). You are encouraged to practice your language skills within a buddy system with Dutch speaking students.

Who for?

The programme has been designed for foreign students who want to devote one year of full-time and intensive study to establishing and perfecting their knowledge of the Dutch language and to immerse themselves in Flemish society and academic culture.

Admission requirements

  1. The students’ secondary school qualifications are sufficient for enrolment at a university in the country where they were obtained.
  2. Students have an intermediate knowledge of English (CEFR B1).
  3. Students must previously have studied a European language as a foreign language, either at school or in a language course. The Linguapolis teaching method is based upon the assumption that the students are familiar with foreign language learning.

Intensive and full-time

  • The programme consists of 480 contact hours (60 credits) and meets the requirement for obtaining a student visa.
  • You are enrolled at the University of Antwerp, receive a student card and can use university facilities (library, student restaurant, sports facilities, etc).
  • This fulltime programme consists of 15 hours of daytime classes per week.
  • The programme starts with a welcome week in September and ends in June.
  • Classes are organized at the Stadscampus.
  • Class groups consist of approximately 15-19 students so teachers can take an interactive, communicative approach in which all students’ needs are addressed.