Gender and Development: A Local Institutional Perspective

Gender and Development: A Local Institutional Perspective


This course consists of eight sessions in which the theoretical framework and concepts as well as the more practical aspects of gender and development are presented and discussed.


A mutually influencing relationship between ‘gender relations’ and ‘development’ exists. It’s important to point out the wide range of topics that is impacted by gender blind assumptions, such as intra-household relations, labour allocation, access to and control over (natural) resources, property rights systems. 

Disregarding the importance of ‘gender’ in policy-making and implementation leads to policy failures and increasing gender inequalities

The growing awareness in today’s society of the importance of collective action to bring about institutional change in gender relations makes this course relevant.

Who for?

  • Master or Bachelor students in Social Sciences ( Development Studies, Political Science, Economics, International Relations, etc.) with a specific interest in gender and development issues 
  • Development practitioners and activists (workers of NGOS, international institutions, civil society organizations, etc.) 
  • Consultants active in development cooperation fields 
  • Government officials and policy makers active in development cooperation fields
  • IOB alumni who would like to update or extend their knowledge on theories of development