Governance and Development

Governance and Development

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The future of sustainable development is critically related to the promotion of better governance at the local, national, regional and international levels. Both a cause and a consequence of governance failures, violent conflict is incompatible with sustainable development. Processes of state formation, state failure and state reconstruction play a central role in this nexus between development, governance and conflict.

This master analyses governance problems and possible responses with due consideration of the specific historical pathways of individual countries, as well as the interaction between dynamics at the national state level and the local society level. It also addresses the impact of global developments. Students are familiarized with multidisciplinary theoretical and practical insights that will improve their capacity to analyse governance challenges at different levels, in addition to improving the way in which they relate to processes of violent conflict and development.

The governance programme offers two tracks with specific objectives and courses:

  • Track 1: Governance, Peace and Conflict. This track explores issues of governance and development against the background of violent conflict and the challenge of post-conflict state reconstruction.
  • Track 2: Local Governance and Poverty Reduction. This track addresses governance and development challenges from the perspective of local institutions and poverty reduction.

Applicants to this Master must show a keen interest in developmental challenges related to governance, conflict analysis, state and peace building, decentralization challenges.

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Some of the most recurrent employers among IOB graduates are within the government sector, parliaments, inter/supranational organisations, national and international NGOs, higher education/research, and bi- or multilateral donor agencies. IOB also offers a multi-disciplinary Doctoral Programme, leading to a PhD in Development Studies. To ensure quality guidance IOB adheres to a strict policy in considering and accepting applications.