Learning outcomes

Dutch-taught Master of Interior Architecture


1. The Master can formulate a spatial interior design problem from a complex and unpredictable context and within an interdisciplinary framework.

2. The Master can take on the role of critical researcher in the international area of interior architecture through independent and self-critical reflection on design research and through founding all chosen steps in the design process.

3. The Master can turn innovative, ethical and sustainable aspects and concepts into interior and object designs at a specialized level in a design strategy and can mark these designs with their own signature as space expert.


4. The Master can detect research opportunities in the domain of interior architecture, autonomously draw up a research proposal based on an independently chosen subject and research method and can execute this research (self)critically.

5. The Master makes an innovative contribution to society and to national and international development of expertise in interior architecture by executing independent design research.

6. The Master has an attitude of lifelong learning.


7. The Master can think of imaginative design solutions, objects and concepts, through a special knowledge of and attention to the experience and the well-being of the user of the space, and can differentiate between the various scales and contexts.

8. The Master can be critical towards cultural, social-societal and economic reality and can check work and opinions against peers and non-peers and against national and international trends and developments.


9. The Master is a valued partner in the building process because they can take on design leadership, they can work multi- and interdisciplinary and they can communicate professionally.


10. The Master can form a well-founded opinion about the individuality and the potential of the interior architecture discipline and can communicate about it with laymen and specialists nationally and internationally.

11. The Master is an allround professional specialist in the interior architecture discipline and masters the skills to start continuing studies and/or a doctoral programme nationally or internationally.