Master of Linguistics and Literary Studies: One Language

This programme offers a range of courses in the fields of both linguistics and literary studies in 5 languages: German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish. Courses are taught in Dutch and in the target languages. If you choose English as your language of study, your programme can be fully taught in English.

Regardless of the language you choose, you take at least one linguistics course and one literature course. The master thesis constitutes an important part of the degree.

Programme info

Admission requirements

  • Direct: academic bachelor of linguistics and literature; NL: bachelor X language and culture (X= German, English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish), bachelor X Language and Culture (X= German, English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish)
  • With permission: other academic bachelors
  • With bridging programme: professional bachelor of education: secundary education - option German, English, French or Dutch, professional bachelor of office management (major: business translator-interpreter, management assistant or international management assistant), professional bachelor of journalism after permission; NL: HBO bachelor Business Administration, Business management, International Business and Languages, teacher 2nd level French, English or Dutch
  • The selection process may include a writing sample and an interview. You will be informed of this during the screening procedure.

Interested in the fully English-taught programme?