Master of Biology: Biodiversity, Conservation and Restoration

Master Biology: Biodiversity, Conservation and Restoration

Your programme

Biology is a fundamental scientific discipline focusing on formulating and testing hypotheses through observations and experiments in the lab or the field. As a Biology student, you will  actively participate in state-of the-art research performed at the Department of Biology.

The teaching is supported by the staff and expertise of the research groups. In the specialisation “Biodiversity: Conservation and Restoration”, emphasis lies on the global biodiversity crisis, one of the key elements of global change.

You acquire insight into the causes and consequences of the current worldwide loss of plant, animal and other species, and into the theory and practice of managing endangered species and the conservation and restoration of habitats. Links with society, for example, biodiversity policy, legislation and international treaties, will also be highlighted. Students will undertake an internship with an external organisation involved in conservation/restoration.

Anaïs (France): "We learn how to apply our scientific knowledge to society, legal treaties and European laws."

Your future

The value of biodiversity to society means that expertise/specialist knowledge in conservation and restoration is a much sought asset. As a specialist in conservation and restoration, you will analyse policy and influence decision-making in the field of biodiversity protection. Research offers another career opportunity in Belgium and also abroad.