Quality assurance

At the University of Antwerp we ensure the quality of our programmes. Every programme goes through a quality assurance cycle of six years.

In year three we review the quality assurance of the programme during internal process monitoring and control. In the spring of 2019 this was done for the advanced masters globalisation and development; governance and development; development evaluation and management.

Year six concludes the cycle with a peerreview. The study programme reflects on itself and has discussions with internal and external experts and with an independent student. In the spring of 2023 the peer review team will visit the advanced masters globalisation and development; governance and development; development evaluation and management.

The programmes are characterized by the following strengths according to the visitation report of 2016, the follow-up plan after the visitation and based on the internal process monitoring and control. The programmes are further strengthened by working on the following points:

The main asset of the programmes is their strong and well-established student-centered approach. The students are very satisfied with the way in which they receive guidance and feedback throughout their education at UAntwerp. The programmes have recently rewritten their learning outcomes to emphasize the different focuses of the three programmes, following suggestions of the visitation panel. The programmes remain vigilant for student's workload and commit to continuously monitor the workload.

The programmes collect a lot of feedback from students and recently graduated alumni and follow this up closely. For this reason, among other things, the quality culture of the programmes is rightly and greatly appreciated. They can reinforce this by also collecting more feedback about the programmes from employers. Another point of attention, which the programmes have already been working hard on, is to offer sufficient attention to a non-Western perspective throughout the three programmes.

The programmes can focus even more on communication and promotion to make the strong programmes better known. Nevertheless, the intake policy of the three programmes is seen as an asset, since it is one of the causes of diversity in the student group.

Read the entire public report (pdf - 163kb)

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