Master of Laws (LL.M)

Master of Laws

Learn in Europe about law in the world

Your programme

Participate in a pioneering problem-oriented programme that defies traditional boundaries within the legal discipline. Explore a law in context approach in course modules on commercial transactions and disputes, on diversity and the law, on European constitutionalism and fundamental rights and on sustainable development and global justice. Think critically on the contemporary relevance of law to global societal challenges.

Meet faculty members up close, and become part of a community that acquires knowledge through intercultural dialogue. 

Develop your research skills through skills training and through exchanges with our (first class) module-supporting research groups. Aim for a thesis that can be published in an international journal.

Enjoy the legal clinic that provides unique opportunities to work on projects together with practitioners.

Make use of the opportunities that studying at the heart of Europe offers to link up with European and international organizations.

Make use of our partnerships with excellent universities across the globe, and take one semester abroad.

Your future

The programme seeks to attract participants from across the globe, including from the global South. By participating, you will become part of a global network, based in Europe, and establish contacts that will be essential for your future professional career.

The programme prepares participants for practicing law in an international environment, either at home or abroad. The skills courses offered allow you to choose the professional direction you prefer: to work in international organizations, in the private sector or at an NGO, to take on a legal profession, or to work as a lawyer in an interdisciplinary context.

If you are fascinated by scientific research and have enjoyed writing the master thesis, you can consider embarking on a PhD upon completion of the master’s programme to become a researcher.