Job opportunities

The programme enables you to work in internationally oriented legal professions, in national ministries, international organizations, multinational companies, NGOs and academia.

The programme will assist you in realizing your ambition, regardless of whether it is to work as:

  • a legal advisor in an international oriented company
  • an international or domestic civil servant
  • a diplomat or a lobbyist
  • an educator or a researcher
  • a practicing lawyer

This degree is equivalent to the Flemish degree of ‘master in de rechten’. For admission to the legal profession in Belgium, holders must also have a Belgian degree of Bachelor of Laws or qualify under the admission requirements for holders of a non-Belgian law degree. For more information, go to or

Joining our doctoral school?

If you are fascinated by scientific research and have enjoyed writing the master thesis, you can consider embarking on a PhD upon completion of the master’s programme. 

As a doctoral student you perform research during 4 years, under supervision of a professor. Your research results  and conclusions are written in a doctoral thesis which you will defend in a public hearing in front of a jury.

During your doctoral track you attend readings, seminars and conferences to enhance your personal and research competences.

These activities take place in an inspiring work atmosphere in one of our research groups.