Job opportunities

Occupational fields

Although the title of Master of Political Science is a ticket to a whole range of professions, the Master's programme is foremost a preparation for some specific occupational fields.

Policy officer, political advisor or external representative in regional, national or international governments

  • Draft policy analysis and brief colleagues and other external organisations
  • Write drafts of legislative proposals
  • Implement policy projects and programmes

Researcher at academic institutions or research departments of political parties and interest groups

  • Identify issues for research and analysis
  • Collect, analyse, and interpret data such as election results and public opinion surveys, report on findings, recommendations, and conclusions
  • Forecast political, economic, and social trends
  • Teach political science

Supporting and lobbying positions within international companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

  • Evaluate programs and policies, and make related recommendations to institutions and organisations
  • Ensure the name of the organization is known and respected and becomes the first point of contact for all related matters
  • Monitor, prioritise and advise on matters that may impact the industry

Advisor, consultant, account manager in private sector

  • Provide expert advice in a particular area such as organizational strategy, public relations, policies or any of many other specialized fields
  • Serve as the primary point of contact between public actors and the company and provide support, planning and optimization

Political journalist, media officer or spokesperson

  • Provide media commentary or criticism related to public policy and political issues and events
  • Prepare speeches, correspondence and convert technical policy papers into layman's terms
  • Research a story's background information to provide complete and accurate information

Our graduates

Some of our former students work as civil servant at the European Commission, as policy administrator at the city of Utrecht or work at the Flemish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some work as diplomat at the Belgium embassy, as CEO of the NGO 11.11.11 or as political researcher at UAntwerp, VUB or University of Bradford. Others work as elected politician, as policy officer at political parties such as GROEN or D66, as press officer at OVAM or as journalist at De Standaard. In short, a career in politics can take you in several different directions.

A political scientist’s key characteristics