Learning outcomes

1. The Master will be familiar with the fundamental concepts and theories of business administration, and will be able to describe the current state of the scientific discussion and the newest developments within this domain.

2. The Master will be able to select and critically process information sources and research literature on specific management issues in a systematic manner.

3. The Master will be able to use their analytical insights and methodological training to conduct scientific research properly, whether independently or in a group, and will be able to formulate research questions and outline research proposals in a scientific manner.

4. The Master will be able to critically evaluate the results of scientific research and will be able to translate these results into practical management recommendations.

5. The Master will realize key academic skills (e.g. independent analysis and synthesis, autonomous reasoning, evaluation and communication) and recognise the importance of self-study and life-wide learning.

6. The Master will be able to take initiative and formulate independent, creative solutions for complex management issues.

7. The Master will be able to communicate and report effectively, both orally and in writing.

8. The Master will be able to cope openly with the multicultural, international or multinational character of the organisations in which they operate.

9. The Master will be able to work in an ethical way.

10. The Master will adopt a scientific framework for the analysis of management problems. The Master will approach information critically and independently.