Programme info

Micro-credential: The political ecology of sustainable development and green economy

Learning outcomes

This micro-credential focuses on the following learning outcomes.

1. The particopant is able to understand key global evolutions and issues in human-nature debates, relating social changes (and notions of “development”) to ecological processes, while understanding the underlying paradigms within a historical context and broader perspective.

2. The participant develops a critical appreciation of how a wide variety of factors, including politics and power are entangled with and produce ecological and social change.

3. The participant is stimulated to understand, analyse, and critically assess a number of key concepts and cases at different scales, and situate them in broader structural power geographies.

Practical information

The course is organised in 9 sessions of 2 hours. The overall course is organised between mid-January and the end of February, spread out over various sessions per week . Attendance in class is mandatory to allow for interaction, debate and group work. All sessions are organised in Antwerp (city campus). 

Students of the micro-credential course will participate in the same session as the students of the advanced master programmes in Development Studies of IOB. This group consists of a group of predominantly international students of about 20 students. The sessions will consist of lectures, debates, class discussions and presentations.


The course is evaluated based on a written essay at the end of the course.

Division of credits: Essay (3 ECTS)

Assessment criteria:

  • Knowledge and understanding of content.
  • Ability to analyse critically and defend a perspective.
  • Ability to apply concepts to practical examples.
  • Ability to present content in a structured and attractive way.
  • Ability to build and defend an argument

Division of Marks: 3 ECTS for the entire microcredential

Assessment 2nd exam session: Essay exam