Learning outcomes

Dutch-taught Bachelor of Product Development

1. The Bachelor analyzes the product context and on this basis, develops a vision on the new product (and/or service) to be developed and determines its focus, its added value, its degree of innovation and its (pre-)conditions.

2. The Bachelor generates multiple innovative and integrated design solutions that meet the required focus, added value and specifications. The Bachelor does this in an integral and sustainable way using creative techniques and design methods.

3. The Bachelor follows the changing societal context, the evolutions and current topics in product development and humanities and exact sciences at (inter)national level and can interpret this and integrate this - under supervision - in his/her own projectwork.

4. The Bachelor designs simple research (analysis, simulation and verification) to check the feasibility of the design(results). The Bachelor executes it and reports on it.

5. The Bachelor can fulfill a coherent step-by-step plan for the design - under supervision - and can monitor its execution, individually as well as in a multidisciplinary team.

6. The Bachelor masters and interprets the knowledge and models relevant for product development from the three adjoining scientific disciplines: economics, humanities and technology. The Bachelor applies the acquired knowledge from the adjoining disciplines in various contexts.

7. The Bachelor knows the different scientific models and creative techniques for the design process and their application possibilities, selects - under supervision- the appropriate method for the design problem, applies it and justifies the choices made.

8. The Bachelor selects, interprets and integrates - under supervision - the relevant results of scientific research in the adjoining disciplines in a product design and justifies the choices.

9. The Bachelor visualizes the design and the design process and communicates clearly to all involved in the product development process.

10. The Bachelor develops a strong ethical awareness and checks the different solutions for design problems against this.

11. The Bachelor critically reflects on their own learning and work process and makes the appropriate adjustments.