Qualitative data analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis



This micro credential introduces students into the basics of Qualitative Data Analysis. More specifically, the course starts by reviewing the basic principles of qualitative research and evaluating what this implies for the analysis and interpretation of qualitative data.   

Starting from a five-step process to move from qualitative data collection to analysis and interpretation, this course focusses in depth on step 3 , 4 and 5 namely, ‘breaking up the data’ , ‘bringing the pieces together’ and ‘building the big picture’. This last step involves the interpretation of the data, which links to the theoretical framework of the research and raises questions about validity and generalizability.   

After the more conceptual part of the course, the second part focuses on explaining the principles behind, as well as specific features of the NVivo software for qualitative data analysis. Students have the time to practice with individual NVivo exercises and afterwards will discuss interpretation of the results and their validity in group discussion.