Learning outcomes

Dutch-taught Master of Social and Economic Sciences

1. The Master has an advanced level of knowledge of the concepts and theories of the chosen specialties within the disciplines of sociology and economics and is able to describe the status of the scientific debate and the most recent (inter)national developments.

2. The Master is able to systematically collect and critically process (inter)national sources and research literature on a specific social question from a multidisciplinary perspective.

3. Based on his/her analytical insight and methodological training, the Master is able to scientifically formulate a research question, independently or in a team, to draw up a research plan, to collect and process (empirical) data and to reach well-founded conclusions. The Master knows the possibilities and limitations of scientific research methods.

4. The Master is able to critically evaluate the results of social, economic and socio-economic scientific research and to translate these into practical policy recommendations.

5. The Master can combine and integrate economic and sociological insights for the analysis of policy problems.

6. The Master is able to communicate effectively and to report at academic level orally and in writing, interpersonally as well as in groups.

7. The Master has an independent and critical attitude and understands in which circumstances it is important to think independently, rationally and interdisciplinary.

8. The Master recognizes the ethical and sustainable aspects of socio-economic questions and can integrate these in a global frame of thinking.