Programme info

Micro-credential: Theories of Development

Learning outcomes

This micro-credential focuses on the following learning outcomes.

1. The participant can explain the theory and empirics of the determinants of economic development.

2. The participant gains a culturally sensitive understanding of development that takes local knowledge seriously and is informed by the dynamics of social relations.

3. The participant can explain the theory and empirics underlying the relationship between politics, governance and economic development.

4. The participant can understand and critically reflect on the concepts of well-being, inequality and poverty.

5. The participant is able to work and discuss constructively within a multicultural environment composed of people with different affective, cognitive and behavioural orientations.


Practical information

The course is organised in 4 sub units. The course is organised from approximately the second half of September to the end of October, spread out over various seminars per week.  All sessions are organised in Antwerp (city campus). Students of the micro-credential course will participate in the same session as the advanced master student of the Master in Development Studies of IOB. This group consists of a group of predominantly international students of about 50-80 students.

The units are offered sequentially so that the students can complete a unit in approximately 1 week (including exam or test) – for example Unit 1: 3rd week of September, unit 2 the 4th week, unit 3 the 1st week of October, unit 4 the 2nd week of October.

There is a self-study package for each unit that can be consulted online. Units also offer self-assessment tests that prepare the student for the unit exam.

There are 10 contact hours per unit: during 5 working days, classes are taught for 2 hours per day in the afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm (on campus). These lessons are recorded and made available via BB collaborate.