Animal Law, Rights and Representation | Summer School | Antwerp Summer University

Summer School | 19 - 23 August 2024

Red squirrels are native to Europe. However, due to the increasing presence of grey squirrels that are brought here from the US, which are stronger, red squirrels are now almost getting extinct. 

The international (and European) legal framework requires states to eradicate such 'invasive species'. But how do we legitimize killing individual beings to save an abstract concept as 'species'? Are red squirrels better than grey squirrels, just because they were here first?

This leads us to the more general question: do animals have legal rights? And if so, who can represent them in court? 

We will discuss these and other questions during the Summer School in Animal Law, Rights and Representation at the University of Antwerp. You will get a comprehensive overview of animal law as a legal discipline, familiarize yourself with the different theories of animal rights law, and think about ways to represent animals in court. 

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