This B-Q MINDED Summer School 2018, powered by the Antwerp Summer University, provided a 7-day intensive multidisciplinary course in the field of quantitative MRI (Q-MRI) for improving diagnosis of brain disorders.

This course was part of a collaborative EU-funded (MSCA ETN) European Training Network consisting of 15 Early Stage Researchers (PhD positions) that aims to prepare a new generation of scientists who will turn MRI from a qualitative to a quantitative imaging technique.

Specific attention was given to the development of transferable skills that are essential for a successful professional career, incorporating:

Principles of active career development and establishing a tailored personal career development plan.

Reflection on the impact of your research and strategies how to improve these by actively disseminating your research or by pursuing valorisation of results. To this end, the programme also includes sessions on effective use of social media, courses on intellectual property etc.

The summer school consisted of 50 h of training (incl. assessment) and was open to non-B-Q-MINDED students.

Topics include:

  • Proactive career development.
  • Intellectual Property and legal aspects.
  • Research Integrity/ethics.
  • Regulatory requirements in MRI software.
  • Introduction to clinical neuroradiology workflows.
  • Basic Lab Skills in Computer Science.
  • Outreach strategy and social media / drafting personal outreach plan.
  • Research communication and presentation skills /pitching workshop.