Becoming an Olympian in Sports Analytics | Summer School | Antwerp Summer University

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Summer school | September 2023

Technological improvements in recent years have increased the importance of data usage in sports. The abundance and variety in types of sports data open up many possibilities for the application of data science and machine learning techniques. However, to exploit the full potential of data usage in sports, it is important that data scientists, sports scientists and sports practitioners closely collaborate. 

Becoming an Olympian in Sports Analytics is a practical course that brings together sports and data scientists to learn and discuss how to harness the power of data in sports. With this course we want to:

  • Build knowledge by bridging the gap between sports science, computer science and the sports industry.

  • Create an international network of researchers and practitioners in advanced sports analytics that opens up opportunities for cross-pollination between the two fields.

The course will provide the right mix of introductory topics bringing up to speed all the participants, theoretical lectures, practical use cases from a range of sports and a practical real-life sports data project throughout the course.

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