Storytelling in Virtual Reality | Summer School

Summer School | 22 Aug. - 2 Sept. 2022

About the summer school

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‘Immersive storytelling’ means as much as overwhelming the audience with your story. The idea exists that Virtual Reality (VR) may lead to more immersive stories. The last decades VR-applications have mostly been restricted to lab environments and specialized industries. Thanks to several market launches of head mounted displays, 360° camera’s, game accessories, virtual reality hard- and software, … VR-applications have recently become within reach of consumers. Therefore, the potential breakthrough of immersive storytelling for a large audience challenges the field.

In the research project Show&Tell! researchers from the AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp have been investigating the mechanisms behind immersive storytelling. The outcome of this research project is a set of tools that can be used by creatives, producers, programmers, … in the production process of a virtual reality experience. Participants of the summer school ‘Storytelling in virtual reality. An immersive encounter.’ are given the opportunity to conceive and create a VR experience using the facilities of the Immersive Lab. During these 10 days you will learn about the mechanisms of immersion, user-centered storytelling, interactive design, combining analogue and digital prototyping, 360° recording and editing, coding and user testing.

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