Mission statement

The Antwerp Social Lab brings together researchers and projects from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Antwerp.

The focus is on psychophysiological and behavioral methods that capture human interactions in interpersonal and mediated contexts. Besides managing two physical lab rooms filled with measurement instruments, the Antwerp Social Lab actively stimulates discussion and sharing of knowledge on psychophysiological and behavioral methods through regular lab meetings. The Antwerp Social Lab is also dedicated to education and aims to showcase the measurement instruments and train students to use these in their own research projects. The Antwerp Social Lab is open for all sorts of collaborations and welcomes visiting scholars.

The Antwerp Social Lab was founded by two research groups (MIOS and EDUBRON), and is directed by four professors:

  • Karolien Poels (MIOS)
  • Piet Van den Bossche (EDUBRON)
  • Charlotte De Backer (MIOS)
  • David Gijbels (EDUBRON).

You can find an overview of all lab members, promotors and coordinators in the menu on the left.