Our mission is to investigate the design of embedded technology for cyber-physical systems.

We perform applied research on the embedded software, hardware and communication technology as applied in cyber-physical systems (CPS). These computational components play a crucial role in the monitoring and control of a CPS. In addition, CoSys-Lab focuses on the development processes of these components.

Our main application domains are: mechatronics, automotive and health & care.

Some typical research examples are: an ultrasound sensor array for localisation, the automotive power window, supportive tooling for AUTOSAR, an autonomously driving wheel chair, etc.

Our research splits up in two main domains

  1. Model-based systems engineering for CPSCoSys-Lab contributes to model-based techniques for the realisation of embedded technology for CPS. To achieve an optimal realisation of these embedded systems, it is essential that also the physical (mechanical, electromagnetic, hydraulic, …) components of the CPS and the CPS's environment are modelled jointly with the embedded components.Research examples in this domain, are:
    • Heterogeneous modelling and simulation
    • Design processes for real-time embedded software and hardware
    • Model-based sensor development
    • Platform independent CPS-applications
  2. Sensors, signal processing and control for CPSCoSys-Lab aims for intelligent and creative use of sensor data. The thorough processing and interpretation of sensor data will indeed lead to better control systems for CPS, or to new and improved kinds of sensors. Also in this case modelling the environment jointly with the sensor is paramount for design efficiency.Research examples in this domain, are:
    • New approaches in the estimation of human poses
    • Biologically-inspired CPS
    • Real-time execution of models as the driving forces for CPS-control