The University of Antwerp has more than eighty buildings spread out over four campuses. Depending on your choice of study, you will end up either in the city centre or in the green outskirts.

Explore our four campuses

Stadscampus - Campus Drie Eiken - Campus Groenenborger - Campus Middelheim

Find the right room

You are looking for e.g. room s.A.041? 

  • The first letter stands for the campus
    • s = Stadscampus 
    • m = Campus Middelheim 
    • d = Campus Drie Eiken 
    • g = Campus Groenenborger 

      It is important to always mention the campus letter, as there are several buildings with the same building letter.

  • The second letter stands for the building. We do not speak of Building A, we always mention the campus letter, e.g. 'Building s.A' and 'Building d.A'. You will find these letters on the campusplans. 

  • The first figure stands for the floor, e.g. here 0 = ground floor. 

  • The last figure is the room number on that floor. 


  • s.MU = buildings at Mutsaard site
    • e.g. room s.MU.D.001
      • s = Stadscampus
      • MU = Mutsaard
      • D = Building D at Mutsaard site and not Building D at Grote Kauwenberg
      • 001 = room number with the first figure that stands for the floor (0 = ground floor)

  • s.PM = buildings at Paardenmarkt site

Parcel lockers

Pick up and send your parcels around the clock. 

Parcel lockers will soon be available on all of UAntwerp’s campuses. Students, staff and local residents will be able to pick up and send their parcels 24/7.


  • Campus Drie Eiken
    Entrance to Building A

  • Campus Groenenborger
    Entrance to Building Z

  • Campus Middelheim
    Gate near Building A

  • Stadscampus 
    Entrance to Rodestraat building.
    To the right of Building Meerminne fire door (corner at Kipdorp 60). 

Pick Your parcel 

  1. Download the free My Bpost app on your smartphone and log in with your email address. You’ll see your parcel in the app.
  2. Go to the parcel locker, open the My Bpost app and tap open parcel locker. The locker will then open automatically. Take out your parcel and close the door. 

Send a parcel 

  • The parcel lockers are not just for picking things up – you can also use them to send parcels quickly and easily.