In and around the city

To reach your campus, you can use Antwerp's bike lanes, the city's extensive public transport network or hop in your car. Discover useful information and tips about your preferred mode of transport below.

By bicycle

Antwerp is a bike-friendly city. Get to know the smart and cheap way to travel around in Antwerp fot students.

​For short trips in and around the city, a rental bike is ideal. Apart from the student bicycle and the Velo city bikes, there are several other bike rental options.

Do you need to cross the Scheldt? Check the availability of the bike lifts and escalators of the tunnels, or take Antwerp’s ferry service with your bike.

Cycling between campuses

  • Stadscampus - Campus Middelheim: 20 min. 
  • Stadscampus - Campus Groenenborger: 25 min. 
  • Stadscampus - Campus Drie Eiken: 30 min. 
  • Campus Middelheim - Campus Groenenborger: 4 min.
  • Campus Middelheim - Campus Drie Eiken: 10 min. 
  • Campus Groenenborger - Campus Drie Eiken: 8 min.

Discover Antwerp by shared electric scooter 

The newest way to travel around Antwerp is by shared electric scooter.

By bus or tram

Antwerp has a dense public transportation network. Buses and trams are available to take you to many different parts of the city. There are direct bus links to various other towns and cities as well. Plan your route using the De Lijn timetables.

Traveling between campuses

  • Campus Middelheim - Campus Groenenborger: around 7 min. on foot
  • Campus Middelheim - Campus Drie Eiken: around 35 min.
  • Campus Groenenborger - Campus Drie Eiken: around 45 min.
  • Stadscampus - Campus Middelheim: around 45 min.
  • Stadscampus - Campus Groenenborger: around 55 min.
  • Stadscampus - Campus Drie Eiken: around 60 min.

Did you know Antwerp also has a water bus? You can use it to travel between the Antwerp city centre and nearby towns.

By car

It’s recommended to travel to and in Antwerp by public transport. If you are travelling by car, take the following into account:

  • There are P+R zones where you can park on various main roads into Antwerp. They are ideal places to switch to bus, tram or bike a few kilometres from the campus.
  • The Antwerp city centre and part of Linkeroever (Antwerp’s left bank) are a low-emission zone: highly polluting vehicles are not allowed into the city. 
  • Keep in mind that the zone around the Stadscampus is a residential area with a speed limit of 20 km/h. Pedestrians freely make use of the entire road.
  • Take possible road works and events into account.
  • Within Antwerp, you can make use of the taxi service.


The city of Antwerp is working towards a pedestrian-friendly centre for both visitors and residents. As of August 1, 2023, visitors and tourists are no longer allowed to park on the street.

Campus Drie Eiken en Campus Groenenborger have free university parking spots.

Near Stadscampus, you can make use of several paid public parking options.

There are paid on-street parking spots near Campus Middelheim. You’ll need to display a blue parking disc if you park on Floraliënlaan.


Carpooling is not only fun and ecological, but also good for your wallet and you get to meet new people. Are you looking for a car ride or a fellow passenger, occasionally or daily? Take a look at our carpool platform.

Coming from abroad?​​

Situated at the heart of Europe, Antwerp is always teeming with international travellers, both from neighbouring countries and from far overseas. Find more information on how to reach the city below.

By train

Antwerp is easy to reach by train. International railway lines such as Thalys and Eurostar link Brussels and Antwerp to several other major European cities. Plan your trip with the Belgian train route planner. You can also travel to Antwerp with international bus lines such as Eurolines or Flixbus.

If you arrive at Antwerp Central Station, take your time to look around. Many have rated it as one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world.

Traveling from station to campus

Antwerpen Centraal

  • to Stadscampus: around 15 min. on foot or 5 min. by bike


  • to Campus Drie Eiken: around 20 min. by bike or 25 min. by bus


  • to Campus Drie Eiken: around 15 min. by bike or 30 min. by bus
  • to Campus Groenenborger: around 12 min. by bike or 40 min. by bus
  • to Campus Middelheim: around 13 min. by bike or 30 min. by bus


  • to Campus Drie Eiken: around 20 min. by bike or 40 min. by bus
  • to Campus Groenenborger: around 12 min. by bike or 18 min. by bus
  • to Campus Middelheim: around 9 min. by bike or 13 min. by bus

By air

Traveling by air? There are several airports you can choose from to reach Antwerp, including but not limited to:

Brussels Airport (Zaventem Airport)

Brussels Airport is the most frequently used gateway to Antwerp. From Brussels Airport, you can travel to Antwerp:

  • By train
    Time schedules and fares are available on the Belgian Railways website.
  • By bus
    Travel from Brussels Airport Zaventem to Antwerp with Airport Express. There are two stops in Antwerp:
    • Franklin Rooseveltplaats (Platform B5 - next to the opera house and 400 metres from the central train station).
    • Crowne Plaza Hotel (Gerard le Grellelaan 10, Antwerp)

Brussels South Charleroi Airport

From Brussels South Charleroi Airport, you can take a bus to the Charleroi train station and travel to Antwerp by train. Check the time schedules and fares on the website of the Belgian Railways.

Antwerp Airport - Deurne

Antwerp Airport is a small international airport situated in Deurne (about 6 km from the centre of Antwerp). Bus routes 51, 52 and 53 from De Lijn provide a regular connection with railway station Antwerpen-Berchem. Take tram 9 at Antwerpen-Berchem to reach the city centre.

Eindhoven Airport - The Netherlands

From Eindhoven Airport, it's a one hour drive to Antwerp by car. The train takes you in approximately 2:15 h to Antwerp Central Station. For more info consult the website of Eindhoven Airport.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - The Netherlands

From Schiphol Airport, you can travel to Antwerp Central Station by train.

Düsseldorf Airport - Germany

Since there are no direct train connections between Düsseldorf Airport and Antwerp, it is recommended to take a bus to or from the airport.

Frankfurt Airport - Germany

Since there are no direct train services from Frankfurt (M) Airport to Antwerp, it is recommended to take a long-distance bus to or from the airport. Various bus companies serve the long-distance bus station at Frankfurt Airport P36.

Aéroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle (Roissy) - France

From Airport Roissy Charles de Gaulle, there are several ways to travel to Antwerp: by high-speed train Thalys, by regular train, or by other public transport.